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416 East Seneca Street, Tucson AZ



Wilson welcomes the opportunity to show in both galleries and museums nationally and internationally, as well as participating in portfolio exchanges. Prints are available for purchase and are limited editions hand printed originals. Please contact for pricing  and availability, print sales, commissioned projects, artist talks, artist workshops, and exhibition opportunities.

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Eric Wilson is a contemporary artist working in printmaking, sculpture, and installation mediums. He received his BFA degree from Northern Illinois University in printmaking and recently graduated from the University of Arizona with an MFA in printmaking. His graduate research explored the images of kitsch and Americana that are the icons that form our national identity. His work uses humor and irony to exploit popular and historic objects and characters. His primary medium was lithography, exploring the traditional multi-layered color layers from stone. Recently he has continued his interest in printed work while developing his imagery and ideas through sculptural and installation works.


Artist Statement

My work is a response to the narratives and images that create our American identity. Although my work is leavened with irony and humor, it is underpinned with criticality. Issues such as the glorification of the West, nuclear armament, and Manifest Destiny are residual concerns from our collective past that affect us today in major ways. I embrace kitsch and Americana in my work by examining mass production and common symbols and by employing familiar and ordinary cultural vehicles like dioramas and wallpaper in my installations to attract the viewer into a space that seems comforting and nostalgic. The real purpose, to rethink the contemporary state of America, is only realized after some time is spent in this created world. The uncertainty as to who made the work, when was it made, and why it was made creates a dissonance between romantic images of our past and contemporary issues.

Great American Road Trip

West by Wester

The Myth and the Mirror



3D and Sculptural Work