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Collaborative Exhibition with artist Dustin Shores

West by Wester, Lionel Rombach Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 2016

For the past two centuries, Americans have had the  impulse to explore the West. What draws us Westward? What does the West  bestow on its inhabitants? What is the American West now? Dustin Shores  and Eric Wilson explore these questions in the exhibition West by  Wester. Through different aesthetics with similar concerns, the artists  present how the American West has called upon so many to explore. The  artists investigate what is the West, acknowledging the past while  focusing on the present.

This installation was a way for me to utilize the  southwest's icons and imagery as mythical symbols we all recognize. The  wallpaper references kitschy wallpaper of the 1940's or 50's, but the  images are subversive to the cliches of the west; burning wagons, dead  sheriffs, nooses etc. The diorama depicts suffering and worn saguaro  characters. By anthropomorphizing the iconic giant plants of Tucson I  hope to develop a discourse about American's interactions with the  region, and the myths about the cacti. The folded lithograph horns are  referential to the mass production of kitsch objects and the want and  need for natural but cheap objects.